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Packages that use TransformSpi the framework for XML Signature transforms. implementations of XML Signature transforms. 

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Method parameters in with type arguments of type TransformSpi
static void Transform.register(String algorithmURI, Class<? extends TransformSpi> implementingClass)
          Registers implementing class of the Transform algorithm with algorithmURI

Uses of TransformSpi in

Subclasses of TransformSpi in
 class TransformBase64Decode
          Implements the decoding transform.
 class TransformC14N
          Implements the transform.
 class TransformC14N11
          Implements the (C14N 1.1) transform.
 class TransformC14N11_WithComments
          Implements the (C14N 1.1 With Comments) transform.
 class TransformC14NExclusive
          Class TransformC14NExclusive
 class TransformC14NExclusiveWithComments
          Implements the transform.
 class TransformC14NWithComments
          Implements the transform.
 class TransformEnvelopedSignature
          Implements the transform.
 class TransformXPath
          Class TransformXPath Implements the transform.
 class TransformXPath2Filter
          Implements the XML Signature XPath Filter v2.0
 class TransformXPointer
          Class TransformXPointer
 class TransformXSLT
          Class TransformXSLT Implements the transform.

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