implementations of XML Signature transforms.


Class Summary
FuncHere The 'here()' function returns a node-set containing the attribute or processing instruction node or the parent element of the text node that directly bears the XPath expression.
TransformBase64Decode Implements the decoding transform.
TransformC14N Implements the transform.
TransformC14N11 Implements the (C14N 1.1) transform.
TransformC14N11_WithComments Implements the (C14N 1.1 With Comments) transform.
TransformC14NExclusive Class TransformC14NExclusive
TransformC14NExclusiveWithComments Implements the transform.
TransformC14NWithComments Implements the transform.
TransformEnvelopedSignature Implements the transform.
TransformXPath Class TransformXPath Implements the transform.
TransformXPath2Filter Implements the XML Signature XPath Filter v2.0
TransformXPointer Class TransformXPointer
TransformXSLT Class TransformXSLT Implements the transform.

Package Description

implementations of XML Signature transforms.

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