general utility classes.


Interface Summary
XPathAPI An interface to abstract XPath evaluation

Class Summary
Base64 Implementation of MIME's Base64 encoding and decoding conversions.
ClassLoaderUtils This class is extremely useful for loading resources and classes in a fault tolerant manner that works across different applications servers.
Constants Provides all constants and some translation functions for i18n.
ElementProxy This is the base class to all Objects which have a direct 1:1 mapping to an Element in a particular namespace.
EncryptionElementProxy This is the base object for all objects which map directly to an Element from the xenc spec.
I18n The Internationalization (I18N) pack.
IdResolver Deprecated.  
IgnoreAllErrorHandler This ErrorHandler does absolutely nothing but log the events.
JavaUtils A collection of different, general-purpose methods for JAVA-specific things
JDKXPathAPI An implementation for XPath evaluation that uses the JDK API.
JDKXPathFactory A Factory to return a JDKXPathAPI instance.
Signature11ElementProxy Class SignatureElementProxy
SignatureElementProxy Class SignatureElementProxy
UnsyncBufferedOutputStream A class that buffers without synchronizing its methods
UnsyncByteArrayOutputStream A simple Unsynced ByteArrayOutputStream
XalanXPathAPI An implementation of XPathAPI using Xalan.
XalanXPathFactory A Factory to return a XalanXPathAPI instance.
XMLUtils DOM and XML accessibility and comfort functions.
XPathFactory A Factory to return an XPathAPI instance.

Package Description

general utility classes.

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