XML Signature specific classes.


Interface Summary
NodeFilter An interface to tell to the c14n if a node is included or not in the output

Class Summary
Manifest Handles <ds:Manifest> elements.
ObjectContainer Handles <ds:Object> elements Object Element supply facility which can contain any kind data
Reference Handles <ds:Reference> elements.
SignatureProperties Handles <ds:SignatureProperties> elements This Element holds SignatureProperty that contian additional information items concerning the generation of the signature.
SignatureProperty Handles <ds:SignatureProperty> elements Additional information item concerning the generation of the signature(s) can be placed in this Element
SignedInfo Handles <ds:SignedInfo> elements This SignedInfo element includes the canonicalization algorithm, a signature algorithm, and one or more references.
XMLSignature Handles <ds:Signature> elements.
XMLSignatureInput Class XMLSignatureInput
XMLSignatureInputDebugger Class XMLSignatureInputDebugger

Exception Summary
InvalidDigestValueException Raised when the computed hash value doesn't match the given DigestValue.
InvalidSignatureValueException Raised if testing the signature value over DigestValue fails because of invalid signature.
MissingResourceFailureException Thrown by SignedInfo.verify() when testing the signature fails because of uninitialized References.
ReferenceNotInitializedException Raised if verifying a Reference fails because of an uninitialized XMLSignatureInput
XMLSignatureException All XML Signature related exceptions inherit herefrom.

Package Description

XML Signature specific classes.

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