Uses of Interface

Packages that use EncryptionProperty Provides classes for implementing XML Encryption applications. 

Uses of EncryptionProperty in

Methods in that return EncryptionProperty
 EncryptionProperty XMLCipher.createEncryptionProperty()
          Create a new EncryptionProperty element

Methods in that return types with arguments of type EncryptionProperty
 Iterator<EncryptionProperty> EncryptionProperties.getEncryptionProperties()
          Returns an Iterator over all the EncryptionPropterty elements contained in this EncryptionProperties.

Methods in with parameters of type EncryptionProperty
 void EncryptionProperties.addEncryptionProperty(EncryptionProperty property)
          Adds an EncryptionProperty.
 void EncryptionProperties.removeEncryptionProperty(EncryptionProperty property)
          Removes the specified EncryptionProperty.

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