Interface EncryptedData

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public interface EncryptedData
extends EncryptedType

The EncryptedData element is the core element in the syntax. Not only does its CipherData child contain the encrypted data, but it's also the element that replaces the encrypted element, or serves as the new document root.

It's schema definition is as follows:

<element name='EncryptedData' type='xenc:EncryptedDataType'/> <complexType name='EncryptedDataType'> <complexContent> <extension base='xenc:EncryptedType'/> </complexContent> </complexType>

Axl Mattheus

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getCipherData, getEncoding, getEncryptionMethod, getEncryptionProperties, getId, getKeyInfo, getMimeType, getType, setEncoding, setEncryptionMethod, setEncryptionProperties, setId, setKeyInfo, setMimeType, setType

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