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Packages that use CanonicalizerSpi Canonicalization related material and algorithms. canonicalization implementations. 

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static void Canonicalizer.register(String algorithmURI, Class<? extends CanonicalizerSpi> implementingClass)
          Method register

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 class Canonicalizer11
          Implements Canonical XML Version 1.1, a W3C Proposed Recommendation from 29 January 2008.
 class Canonicalizer11_OmitComments
 class Canonicalizer11_WithComments
 class Canonicalizer20010315
          Implements Canonical XML Version 1.0, a W3C Recommendation from 15 March 2001.
 class Canonicalizer20010315Excl
          Implements " Exclusive XML Canonicalization, Version 1.0 "
Credits: During restructuring of the Canonicalizer framework, Ren?? Kollmorgen from Software AG submitted an implementation of ExclC14n which fitted into the old architecture and which based heavily on my old (and slow) implementation of "Canonical XML".
 class Canonicalizer20010315ExclOmitComments
 class Canonicalizer20010315ExclWithComments
          Class Canonicalizer20010315ExclWithComments
 class Canonicalizer20010315OmitComments
 class Canonicalizer20010315WithComments
 class CanonicalizerBase
          Abstract base class for canonicalization algorithms.
 class CanonicalizerPhysical
          Serializes the physical representation of the subtree.

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