Class DOMSubTreeData

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Data, NodeSetData

public class DOMSubTreeData
extends Object
implements NodeSetData

This is a subtype of NodeSetData that represents a dereferenced same-document URI as the root of a subdocument. The main reason is for efficiency and performance, as some transforms can operate directly on the subdocument and there is no need to convert it first to an XPath node-set.

Constructor Summary
DOMSubTreeData(Node root, boolean excludeComments)
Method Summary
 boolean excludeComments()
 Node getRoot()
 Iterator<Node> iterator()
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Constructor Detail


public DOMSubTreeData(Node root,
                      boolean excludeComments)
Method Detail


public Iterator<Node> iterator()
Specified by:
iterator in interface NodeSetData


public Node getRoot()


public boolean excludeComments()

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